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Woman who married ragdoll has made a baby ragdoll she calls their child

'It's true, Marcelo got me pregnant'.

Shipas captain jumps overboard to rescue meerkat called Boris in Cornish port

Tom Sexton stripped to his boxers and jumped in to rescue Boris after he and Doris escaped.

Tenerife on verge of towel wars after hotel staff crack down on lounger blockers

You may bagsy your sun loungers no more, tourists.

Doctors baffled after finding 233 coins, batteries and screws in manas stomach

The man was complaining about pain in his stomach.

Woman stays in shop window for APS1,000 a night after AirBnb prank escalates

The listing was supposed to be a joke as part of the international Art Basel art fair.

UFO seeker claims heas found an aelephant-like creaturea statue on Mars

The alien researcher's other 'discoveries' on Mars include a baby polar bear, a adark ladya, and a space crab.

Gran says sheas living in a slum because nobodyas cut her grass

A jungle of nettles has taken over the garden outside Angela and Raymond's home.

Judge reprimands fishmonger for being inappropriately dressed for court

Adam Jewell, who has 24 convictions, appeared quite at home as he appeared in court.

Thoughts and prayers for cleaner whose McDonaldas arrived covered in Coke

Daniel Devereux said Just Eat wouldn't even refund him the whole amount at first.

Bottle-fed babies amore likely to develop fetish for rubber gimp suitsa, claims feminist

Did you bottle-feed your infant child? Oops.

Pub called police after mum and son complained about portion of chips

James, 22, pictured with his mum, 40, was offered a refund but the pub revoked it when the argument escalated.

Worldas largest whisky bottle sells for more than APS1,000,000 to mystery buyer

It holds enough liquid to fill 444 standard bottles.

Pizza stand has embarrassing #susanalbumparty moment with its web address

'Possibly the worst domain name URL I have seen.'

Quacking effort as hero saves ducklings from drain

aIam 6ft 1in tall and was fully submerged when I went down the drain. I must have looked a sight.a

a!1,000,000 mural encrusted with diamonds installed at Spanish marina

It was created by 'most expensive' artist Debbie Wingham, who sold an advent calendar for APS7.8 million last year.

Cyclist fined for using bank cards in wallet stolen by fox and dropped in street

The fox remains on the run.

Neighbour confuses old trampoline for elderly man unwell in the street

To be fair, we can see where the mix-up came from.

aDeada woman bangs on coffin to say sheas alive during her own funeral

Warning: You may find the content of this story distressing.

Boy, four, takes mumas car keys and goes for aA joyrideA in his pyjamas

Unfortunately, he wasn't quite ready to pass his test yet, and crashed into two parked cars.

Crew of firefighters called out to rescue struggling seagull trapped on roof

Seagulls get a bad rap for their antics pinching people's ice creams - but when the chips are down, we still don't want to see them trapped in a net.

Huge bottle of scotch thatas bigger than a bath is set to sell for APS1,500,000

Not only is it the biggest bottle of scotch in the world, it is also expected to become the most expensive.

Woman marries her cat to get round pet-hating landlords

Deborah and her pet are together in the bonds of holy catrimony.

Landlord bans applicants with BO, bad teeth and adodgy toesa

The George Pub & Grill posted a brutal job vacancy for a number of its venues.

Man spots snake wrapped around his wing mirror while driving at 70mph on motorway

Ever freaked out about a spider or a fly sharing the car with you?

Dying man who mooned at speed camera for bucket list is in trouble again

Gran, 75, still hasnat opened Easter egg she was given when she was 13

Hillion Fern pictured with her Easter egg which she has had since she was a little girl.

Mischievous bear walks nearly 100 miles back to town he was chased away from

Juan made the impawsible trip over 18 days.

Ex-soldier exposed her penis and used wheelie bin as sex toy in public

The ex-soldier also exposed herself in front of three children who were passing her house.

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